The time is here again and I am SO excited to be another guests at the LA Cookie Con 2017! The LA Cookie Con is the BIGGEST baking convention on the West Coast! The event will be held from February 18 & 19th in Downtown Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The showcase includes things like showcasing from other businesses, competitions, LIVE tutorials/presentations from celebrity Bakers/Chefs and of course sweets! (It isn't just about the cookies). By participating in this event, I am helping further my own business by having the chance to meet others who have been in my position before starting out. This is my second year showcasing in the event and I am more than excited and mentally prepared for what's to come. However, I could use some additional financial help from anyone who is willing to give a donation.

My estimated goal is to raise $2,500 or more by the end of January. By doing this I am able to update my Food Liability Insurance, Seller's Permit, Temporary Health Permit for the event, licensed permit for my own kitchen and fund fixtures/supplies for the event.

No donation is too small. I always say $1 goes along way and it truly does. Thank you for your time! I can't wait to be apart of the showcase!